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My name is Ricardo Rodrigues and I live in São Paulo City – Brazil, the biggest city of Latin America. I started my Ham Radio activities in 1994 when I´ve got the PU2RDO licence as a C class acording the brazilian regulation. Then, in 1998 upgraded to B class, as PY2DDK, and since 2000, as A class, my call is PY2PT.


During the years I met some great guys that start to introduce me other kind of radio experience (contests and DX). Thanks for the guys from SPCG – São Paulo Contest Club, and all brazilian amateur radio comunity!

So, after that, in 2005 I stopped the ham activity for personal issues and return in the end of 2009 after buy a TS-2000 from a great friend Eger PY2EX. Than, I rebuilt my antenna system with great help from some friends as PU2TRX (Geraldo), PY2VM (Carlos) and his team.


The new return was fantastic for me and to improve and expand my concept of real ham hobby. I had the privilege to meet a different friends in USA attending the Dayton Hamvention and IDXC at Visalia; also the privilege to meet the guys from PW7T contest team (particularly Mr. Barreto – PT7CB that received me at your station and Luciano PY8AZT who introduce me the guys that I did not Know), and finally, the privilege to meet again Alex PY2WAS and Fred PY2XB who introduce me to the dxpedition world! Amazing guys!

Nowadays I right to say that I'm fan of regular DX operation from my home, our contest station (PX2A) or friends home (hihihi), mobile operation, portable operation to test different antennas and, of course, the dxpeditions! I enjoyed some great dxpeditions as a team member: VP6D; T33A; T30PY & T30SIX; 8R1PY; and, TO2FH. And also operate individually as PX2F; 3D2PT; T30PT; T33PT; and, HH2/PY2PT.

After all of these years, I think that all I have done and going to do will be my motivation to continue on the air and trying to improve our hobby motivating other guys, other girls, other kids and the older people.




Ricardo Rodrigues


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